Online casino roulette is the oldest and simplest of all online gambling games. It is a classic online casino game which is easily identified by a unique spinning wheel. The specialty about Roulette is that there are varieties of betting options and you really need to know the betting strategy. This increases the complexity of the game but it is the most interesting and exciting game when compared to Blackjack, Slots, Keno, Craps etc. This website offers vast information about online casino roulette and how to play roulette online.

American RouletteThere are different versions of roulette but the most popular ones include European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette. Most of the gamblers choose the European roulette version as it provides the best odds and it has one green zero. The American roulette has two zeros and the odds of winning in the American roulette are bit less when compared to the European roulette. The French Roulette has a special and at the same time beneficial rule for the gambler.

Online casino roulette has attracted millions around the world, as you can earn the comp points for the real money wager, even if you lose or win and it offers great payouts. So it is the quickest way to make some free money without any stress or strain. Moreover, online casino roulette is a pretty easy game to master and all you need to learn is the basic rules and strategies to win and of course luck should also favor you. Almost all online casinos offer free play roulette games and you can also download it for free so that you can try your hand practicing first and then trying for real money. The online casino roulette has a center table which consists of a spinning wheel along with a ball. It offers the gamblers to wager either on the number or on the color on which the ball that is spinning will end up finally. You should make a note of the minimum and maximum wagers as it varies and you should be aware of the payout options as well. Your winnings will certainly depend on the nature of bet that you make and there are many wagering options in Roulette. You can choose either the “odd” or “even” columns, or choose the colors which are mostly red and black, or you select the groupings of numbers or even columns or rows. A very simple tactic in playing online casino roulette is when you bet on the “smaller grouping” or if your target is more specific, then you are sure to increase your payout.

Some of the top online casino roulette sites are Millionaire Casino, which uses the Vegas Tech software offering bonus of $5000, Rushmore, which uses the Real Time Gaming Software which offers $888 as a bonus and moreover the above two casinos are open for US players. Golden Tiger Casino which uses Microgaming software offers $1500 as a bonus but Microgaming casinos do not accept USA players.

Before you could try to play roulette online, you need to first identify a reliable online casino roulette site, the software that they use as the transactions has to be secure, the bonus that they offer, customer support etc.

Online casino roulette is quite easy once you know the gambling roulette odds and then you can go ahead learning the betting strategies and tips which will certainly make you a top online gambler.